Thursday, November 27, 2008


It was a pretty relaxed Thanksgiving this year ... just the 5 of us, so we spent a couple of hours last night making side-dishes and pies and even put the turkey in the oven before bed on a low heat.  The house smelled so good when we woke up!  The girls set a gorgeous table and we all gathered to eat right around noon.  Every year I'm shocked at how much time it takes to make a meal that we eat within 15 minutes!  This year we lingered a little longer, spending the meal talking about what we're thankful for.  (In past years, we've tried saying what we're thankful for BEFORE we eat - and that's a killer ... everyone just wants to eat.)  The pies this year were our best ever!  Pumpkin pie by Sierra, Chocolate Cream pie by Azure and I made my Grandma Call's Apple Cream pie.  SO yummy!  Brad and Bryan were an integral part of food prep this year, so everything went so smoothly.  Afterward, we chilled ... put together puzzles, worked on Christmas presents, watch the Macey's Thanksgiving Day Parade, etc.  Nice day.  

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Hills said...

Fun! I love thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!