Monday, May 31, 2010

it's been a while ...

I've so enjoyed being home with everyone
Caci and Jace. Wow - I've missed them!
They've been in the Ukraine for a couple of months.
Trevor will be joining them here in two short weeks.
If Brooke & Steve can make it, we'll all be together for a couple of days.
My time with my parents was so, so precious.
But it's also wonderful to be back home.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

time flies

Isn't she gorgeous?!!! This is my Mom yesterday.
I'm reminded of a song Brad wrote years ago
"Time flies ... old days and old ways pass by;
but love stays, and all our faded memories never die"
it goes on, but as I sit here in my parents' house,
sometimes looking at an old photo from my childhood or theirs,
sometimes playing games,
sometimes just watching them ...
at times I'm transported back to being a child,
other times I'm enjoying the moment of being in the presence of two incredible human beings who (thankfully) are my parents.
This is an amazing experience for me.
I plan to soon compile a list of lessons learned on this trip.
For now, let me say that I am one blessed individual.
And not just because I have a mini-fridge (completely stocked) in my room;
or because Dad makes gourmet breakfasts for us;
or because I can take anything from the candy-bar at anytime
But because I get to be my parents' child.
Here are some pictures sure to make your mouth water:
below is my fridge ... any snack, any time :)
down side? yup ... I have to get out of bed and brush my teeth before I really fall asleep
As always, for more on my visit with my parents check out my inspirational blog:
Silver Strands
ta-ta for now.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

busy, busy, busy!

I'm completely enjoying my time alone with my parents.
There are 6 of us kids, so time alone with them is really precious - even as adults.
Here's how we've spent some of that time:
Mom & I went to the wig shop and got matching hats.
The night I arrived I cut off the rest of my Mom's hair ... no, she didn't NEED to be in a straight-jacket for it, but it was a lot more fun that way :)

Dad not only made an AMAZING Sunday dinner, but his presentation ... well, it was a feast for the eyes!
You know how people have "wet bars"?
Well, this is my parents'
candy bar
is this heaven, or what?
For more pictures and lots more details, go to my inspirational blog,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

leavin' .... on a jet plane!

I leave early tomorrow morning
for a 10-day visit with my parents in Texas.
I'm so excited to spend time with them!
10 days .... my husband & kids are so supportive.
Thanks guys.
So, I arrive 3 days before Mom's next chemo treatment.
We' plan to spend Saturday having fun
Then it's my hope that I'll be able to relieve some of Dad's duties and even some of his concerns as I help care for Mom.
Can't wait to see their faces when they see mine framed by a scarf

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mother love

Ahhhhh how I love my family!
Mother's Day was amazing. Brooke & Steve totally surprised us with their visit, arriving middle of the night Wednesday.
Bryan always works to make my days special. He's usually the chef, but had a break this mother's day.
A couple of hours after getting home from church I walked into my room to see that Azure had cleaned it for me. Then she gave me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers picked from our yard.
Sierra's just an all-around sweetiepie. She made sure I was completely comfortable.
This was Brooke's 1st mother's day as a mommy, but she still insisted on doing things for me. This cake was AMAZING.
And Trevor & Caci sent pearls from Hong Kong.
(can't wait to get them back here!)
Of course, Brad was incredible. Equally lovely was the time we had with our own mothers on the phone.
I am blessed.

Friday, May 7, 2010

the process ...

(for a video of the process: go to Silver Strands)
my dear friends and family ...
... the process was not grueling!
it began with a BIG snuggle from little Gage
then the ponytail procedure ... every last strand in a small ponytail to ensure the most length for the wigmaker
not so traumatic ... lots of funny moments (someone said I looked like a who-down-in-whoville)
then Brooke evened it out
I had a whole lot more hair than I thought I would!
the finished product

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

great stuff

hey everyone ...
I've added a new button to my page
on the right,
directly under the "Silver Strands" button
a button for COLOR CONNECTION.
This is really good stuff people!
toxic-free skin care
(can't get better than that)
I use the mineral powder cosmetics sold there
and I've participated in the color analysis.
(pretty cool ... you get your own personal printout of your best colors)
so if you get a chance, check it out.
PLUS ...
that company is doing a mother's day giveaway
on my new
To enter all you have to do is leave a comment ...
Anyway, hope you're all having a great tuesday :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

some more pics

Ok - from Brad's camera ....
here are a few more pictures from our GLORIOUS cruise:
not really a flattering shot, but you get the idea ... when I'd tire of reading, I'd just relax with the cool ocean breeze, warm sun, and made sure to keep myself semi-covered to prevent aging :)
2nd cruise night I had perch
oh! and for dessert that night I ordered one of the appetizers: strawberry/mint bisque
Brad's appetizer on Elegant night was tiger shrimp
2nd night appetizer: salmon (this one tasted as good as it looked)
Elegant night dinner: Shrimp & Lobster
2nd night Brad had steak
Catalina Island ... we didn't take any tours - just walked along the coast and up the hill to the botanical gardens. This was the only time we had use of the cell phone and I was able to talk with everyone except Azure.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

sunday quote

"Forget self-pity and look for mountains to climb. Everyone has problems. the challenge is to cope with those problems and get our full measure of joy from life."
Camilla Eyring Kimball

Saturday, May 1, 2010

cruisin' ....

Our kids and some other family gave us a cruise to celebrate our anniversary.... here is our cruise in pictures
(more to come when Brad brings his camera home from work!)
embarking ... getting on was WAY easier than getting off!
it was straight to the dessert bar for me :)
before the ship even took off we played a round of miniature golf on the top deck ... if you're wondering, it was a tie :)
we were given a private table
while at dinner, the room stewards turn down the bed, leave mints and a cute towel creature
day 2 was on Catalina Island, but we used Brad's camera that day - so this is day 3 in Ensenada Mexico. The vendors ... oh man! ... they were AGGRESSIVE!
La Bufadora (the blowhole) there are only 3 in the world, Ensenada, Hawaii, and Australia. If I understand correctly, the cave causes pressurization so when the waves come in it blows the water 30 - 100 feet in the air. It was gorgeous!
my favorite thing.
After drinking the coconut milk, he cuts a bigger hole, scoops the meat away from the shell, chops it into bite-sized pieces, then puts that chili sauce you see, freshly squeezed limes, and sea salt all over it. i CRAVE more of this!
our bus got a flat tire on the way back from La Bufadora. Conveniently, it happened in front of this cute little tamale shop. I'm not a tamale lover, but these were super-YUM
back at the pier in Ensenada, these are california sea lions hauled out on the docks
Isn't this amazing?! This pelican just sat there and posed for me!
the stinky fish market in ensenada.

The trip was a lesson in relaxation and bonding. Brad and I spent much of our time on the upper back deck, in and out of the hot tub and soaking up sun while reading. The breeze was cool enough that we never got hot. It was so comfortable. We had some really nice talks together and it was MUCH needed time alone together.