Wednesday, May 19, 2010

time flies

Isn't she gorgeous?!!! This is my Mom yesterday.
I'm reminded of a song Brad wrote years ago
"Time flies ... old days and old ways pass by;
but love stays, and all our faded memories never die"
it goes on, but as I sit here in my parents' house,
sometimes looking at an old photo from my childhood or theirs,
sometimes playing games,
sometimes just watching them ...
at times I'm transported back to being a child,
other times I'm enjoying the moment of being in the presence of two incredible human beings who (thankfully) are my parents.
This is an amazing experience for me.
I plan to soon compile a list of lessons learned on this trip.
For now, let me say that I am one blessed individual.
And not just because I have a mini-fridge (completely stocked) in my room;
or because Dad makes gourmet breakfasts for us;
or because I can take anything from the candy-bar at anytime
But because I get to be my parents' child.
Here are some pictures sure to make your mouth water:
below is my fridge ... any snack, any time :)
down side? yup ... I have to get out of bed and brush my teeth before I really fall asleep
As always, for more on my visit with my parents check out my inspirational blog:
Silver Strands
ta-ta for now.


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