Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poignant Thoughts

My daugher's sister-in-law, Lindsey, is an incredible advocate for adoption.  She has an amazing blog: - something new every day.  Anyway, she's going to feature our son, Bryan, as a guest blogger sometime in the next week.  We adopted Bryan as an infant, and he recently wrote a page and a half on adoption from his perspective (Bryan is now 16).  So with Lindsey offering to feature Bryan, I wanted to put in my 2cents and write about his adoption from my perspective.  It's very deep, emotional thinking and writing and I needed a little break.  So I started reading everyone else's blogs and came upon Brooke & Steven's latest political post.  Well - there was no emotional break for me as I read their Memorial Day thoughts.  If you don't mind a tear or two, go to their site now and if you're like me, you'll be glad there's someone who can put into words what's in your heart.

That's it for now ... more when I finish writing about adoption ... and buy a new box of kleenex!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nostalgic Night

Thanks to Bryan's keen ears, Brad and I were able to get tickets to go see AMERICA in concert last weekend.  Holy Schmoly!  I felt like a teenager again!  They were great - their songs transformed me back into the teenager whose biggest problem was not having a date for the weekend.  Brad has raised our kids on America songs - they all can play them, sing the melody, the harmony, and even make up more harmonies to go along.  They know all the words.  All this makes them more a product of the 70s than I am!  

The concert was held at The Cannery in North Las Vegas.  It was nearly 100 degrees, so I was SO glad for the frozen wash cloths they were handing out.  The venue was small, so it felt intimate.  I looked all around once we took our seats and commented to Brad, "everyone here is SO OLD! - glad we're not that old!"  It would have been a perfect night, but the lady sitting next to me needed 2 seats, so she used mine.  It was already killer hot - she had to put her arm around me to fit.  It was rather uncomfortable.  

Still, it was a great night out together.  Afterward, we joined the line at the CD & t-shirt table to say a quick "hello" and get autographs.  We were near the front of the line (thanks to sitting in the back at the concert :)  Back in 1990 when AMERICA came to Guam for a concert, Brad was Dewey's divemaster when he joined Micronesian Divers Assoc. for a day of diving.  After the concert the 3 of them had a good time reminiscing about it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

WHEATGRASS .... Success!!!

Well, we finally did it!  We harvested two whole huge trays of wheat grass.  EVERYONE (except Jace) in the house drank an entire ounce of the very POTENT drink.  

As you can see ... there's so much chlorophyl in wheatgrass juice that it literally turns our tongues green.  This picture was taken AFTER brushing my teeth and tongue!  

Brad swears by it, I believe in it and the kids tolerate it.  It really did give us energy for the day.  And I had some truly BUMMER news that morning - and honestly .. it was weird - it didn't bum-me-out!  Think it induces seratonin production....??  I wonder!  

Two entire trays juiced about 8 ounces and left very little, very DRY pulp.

So, if you want a swig of it next time I harvest, let me know & I'll give you a call.  I realize I need to plant, plant, plant to have enough to harvest daily.  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Young Men and Young Women

We're so proud of all of our kids.  Especially how they each set an example for the others.  Trevor has been the perfect BIG BROTHER for everyone ... I remember how he'd hold on to the back of Brooke's neck to guide her on their walks (she probably hated it).  But it insured her safety.  Trevor finished his Eagle Scout project at age 14 - this gave Bryan great incentive to do the same ... AND HE DID.  Brooke has made a point of mothering her siblings (in a good way).  She had responsibility heaped upon her at a very young age, and she not only coped with it, she EXCELLED.  Brooke completed her YW Personal Progress requirements at age 14 which gave Sierra incentive to do the same .... AND SHE DID!  Sierra was just recognized at the Stake YW Recognition Night for that achievement.  We're so proud of her, and so thankful for the program.  

Bryan has taken over as the Man in the House when Brad's been away.  He is the protector our girls need.  Very few people come close to being as generous, tender and caring as Bryan.  Sierra is our peacemaker.  She's quick to include Azure and Bryan in her activities and is an example of steadiness.  Although Azure has no younger siblings, she's still a leader and an example in our home.  She is task oriented and knows the value of humor.  Thanks to the examples of her siblings, she's a songwriter, pianist and guitar player.  

These church programs:  Scouts, Duty to God and YW are truly inspired programs.  Because of these programs, our kids have read the Book of Mormon, participated in important service, become leaders of peers, written in journals, prepared for missions and the temple.  We are so blessed to have continued revelation and a Prophet to guide us.  And Brad and I are SO blessed to have strong children with righteousness as their goals.  

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sierra on Splash!

I think you'll all agree ... Sierra is a star!