Sunday, January 25, 2009


A small crowd of GREAT kids showed up to help us celebrate Bryan's SWEET 16.  Thanks to Sierra and her sweet friend, Allie (pictured far right), the event was well planned and well executed.  Caci, Azure and Azure's friend, Mikayla, spent the morning cleaning and baking for the party.  Bry and Brad were expected back between 5:30 and 6:00 ... so we hoped they'd be a few minutes late to give everyone time to show up for the surprise.  They were actually 1 1/2 HOURS late!  We had a blast while waiting for them .... games like:  the paper bag game; psychiatrist; picture-sentence ... and the FOOD kept us busy waiting.  FINALLY we heard Bryan's knock on the door (we locked it so he'd have to knock).  It was totally CLASSIC with the lights out, Bryan walking in, and everyone JUMPING UP and yelling SURPRISE!  Hooray!  It worked!  GOOD JOB SIERRA!  

Instead of a cake, Caci and the girls made "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN" Cupcakes and cookies combined.  It turned out SO CUTE.  

After just getting back from a 2-day WINTER CAMP, building and sleeping in an IGLOO, playing in the SNOW, etc ... Bryan was completely EXHAUSTED!  But after a quick shower he joined right in, besting everyone in SPOONS, competing well in MURDER, and POPPING BALLOONS.  

Like I said in the beginning, it was an incredible group of kids ... I felt welcomed right in and like a teenager again myself :)  The STATES GAME had everyone in stitches ... by the end of the game the newspaper was pretty much shredded.  

Thanks to everyone who made BRYAN'S 16TH BIRTHDAY TRULY SWEET!

Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm having sleep problems lately - ick.  Anyway, today I woke up at 5am ... a day the kids don't have seminary or school ... so it was a bummer.  But I used the time to finish a commercial for a restaurant on the lake.  A couple in our ward are the stars (Thanks Bob & Allison!) and I think it turned out great (of course, I'm sleep deprived - so I hope my judgement is good).  That's one more thing I can cross off my list.  

I love crossing things off my "list" so much that even when I'm in the midst of accomplishing something, if I haven't written it on my list I hurry and put it on so I can cross it off.  FULFILLING!

I just checked my kids' blogs ... always nice to read what they write.  My daughter-in-law, Caci, was the model for an artist who was commissioned to paint Mary.  The painting is finished and a picture of it is up on Trevor's and Caci's blog.  It's AMAZING!  She looks exactly like Caci!  And it is such a beautiful painting that evokes a lot of emotion.  Check it out at

Bryan turns 16 tomorrow.  Now THAT evokes emotions!  We are SO grateful for him.  Truly, we are the most blessed people ever created!!!!!

The boys are going on a winter camp today and tomorrow.  It's been raining here (yipee!) so there should be plenty of snow for them up at Panguitch Lake.  They'll be building an igloo and ice fishing.  (Glad I'm a girl)

The girls and I are going to prepare for Bryan's SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY put on by Sierra and supported by all her friends!  It's going to be a huge SURPRISE!  Can't wait.

Missing my kids ....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, with a long weekend ahead of us, and a gas card as a gift (thank you!) we packed the trunk with the rest of Trevor's rubbermaid containers then crammed a few of our own belongings into the trunk.  Being "finals week" for the kids, they were out of school early on Friday, so we left before traffic got bad.  Hooray!  The kids all conked out in the back seat.  Amazing how they can stay strapped in while getting "comfortable" for sleeping!  We were really excited because this trip was a surprise for Brooke ... she had no idea we were coming up!  We arrived in Utah in time to see Trevor for just a few minutes before heading up to SLC to stay the night with Brad's parents.  Caci & Jace were in St. George for a birthday ... Trevor was working like crazy - so we enjoyed the evening just with Grandma & Grandpa.  
We showed up at Brooke & Steven's townhouse just as they got back from a wedding ... Steve knew we were coming, but Brooke was completely surprised!  That was so fun!  It was so good to be together and in IDAHO!  They have a really BEAUTIFUL home - and comfortable too.  It's decorated so stylishly.  
We had MAJOR fun playing with the Wii!  Tennis, bowling and boxing gave me the best workout I've had in ages!
We didn't get around to playing Nertz with all the Wii playing we did ... but it was TONS of fun!  

Our original plan was to spend just Saturday with our Idaho kids, then leave right after church on Sunday to head back to Utah to be with those kids and Brad's parents .... but we just couldn't part with Steven and Brooke so soon!  (It's never enough time!) Plus, Caci and Jace weren't back in Provo yet ... so while staying longer, we found even more fun things to do.  It was icy cold ... so PERFECT for ICE SKATING!!!!  Due to my obvious clumsiness, and the need for one of us to be the photographer, I didn't get skates ... but everyone else did - and it was SO FUN to watch the process!  BRYAN was unbelievable on the ice!  He just stepped out and started skating like a pro!  Steven and Brooke were equally good.  The rest ... well ....

It took a while for everyone else to get their "ice legs".  Before the night was over, Brad and Sierra were also skating all over the place, and AZURE was in a verticle position more than not :)  I spent most of the time laughing so hard I had to cross my legs!  All in all, the skating time was incredibly memorable.  A HUGE thank you to Brookie and Steven!  

Monday, January 12, 2009


Ok, so my cousin, Tash, tagged me.  I'm new at this ... hopefully I'll do it right (I copied and pasted Brooke's "form" ... is that cheating? .....) :

i am: grateful for good health, an intact family, and peace of mind
i know: that the garbage truck will come on time every Monday and Thursday morning 
i want: to stop selling commercials
i have: the most comfortable sweat pants
i hate: listening to gossip 
i miss: my kids 
i feel: really silly when it gets past my bedtime
i hear: my girls singing when I remember Christmas vacation
i smell: essential oils whenever I need to take from my little cash stash (ok ... so now everyone knows where I keep it ... )
i crave: a solid night's sleep 
i search: for stuff Brad loses on a regular basis :) 
i love: life
i care: about our incredible ward members ... they're amazing!
i always: check on my kids before going to bed
i believe: in miracles
i sing: and wish I sounded like my girls
i write: because I hope my kids and their kids and their kids .... can learn from my mistakes
i lose: my inhibitions when it gets very late 
i win: pretty much every game I play ... I only cheat to make it more interesting.  Before you know it, Steven, I'll be beating you at NERTZ too :)
i never: say never
i listen: and it's taken me many, many years to develop that trait
i am scared: to hear the phone ring in the middle of the night
i need: to re-organize the garage
i am happy about: my new clothesline Bryan put up!
i hope:  Trevor's and Caci's business gives them a smooth ride (pardon the pun) 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Don't you hate those sleepless nights?  The last few nights have been killers for me.  Either I can't fall asleep or else I conk out only to wake up at 2:00 am and stay up till the kids get up ready for Seminary.  By then there's too much to do to go back to bed.  So tonight I'll blog.  Oh - and I'll write monologues since I leave for Sitka in a couple of weeks and need to have 12 complete monologues written and partially memorized before leaving.  Most people who read this blog will have no idea what I'm talking about ... I know I'm rambling, but it feels good.

Good stuff today though: 

the job hunt continues for Brad, but he has an interview coming up next week in Cali and the week after at Lake Las Vegas.  They aren't necessarily real interviews, as there aren't immediate openings - but they're companies that are interested in Brad, and Brad is very interested in them.  So, as we continue to search for something ... anything, we keep having our hope kindled with positive situations like these.

Also today:  While setting up interviews for my trip to Sitka, I talked with the Sitka Convention & Visitor's Bureau Exec. Dir. and one thing led to another, and it looks as if I may have sold another commercial for our show here in Vegas!  That is getting me ever closer to where I need to be for our taping that begins the middle of February.  If anyone reading this knows of a company or person who can part with a measly $2600 for a commercial spot in an up-and-coming cool talk-show in Vegas, let me know!  I need to sell a couple more spots, and SOON!

More good from today:  I saw the dentist and got my stitches out.  He says everything is healing nicely and I can get a crown in about 3 months ... SHEESH! ... 3 months!  I had oral surgery because of a faulty root canal done years ago that cracked my root.  This was done right before Christmas.  I was in killer pain for a little while, so took a narcotic pain killer daily.  I was afraid I'd get addicted - I was taking so much!  Anyway, I stopped taking them, and I'm NOT addicted (yay).  I do still have a hole where he took out the tooth and put in a post (ick) - BUT the good news is that it's all healing like it should and I'll have a new crown in a few months.  I sure wish we had a dentist in the family - it is SO EXPENSIVE to get stuff like this done!

Also today:  I've made great strides in reclaiming the house after the holidays.  The front half of the house is in good order, and could even pass "white glove" inspection (hehehe)

That's it.  Tash tagged me, so the next time I have insomnia I'll write all about myself.  Cross your fingers that I can sleep soon.