Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Don't you hate those sleepless nights?  The last few nights have been killers for me.  Either I can't fall asleep or else I conk out only to wake up at 2:00 am and stay up till the kids get up ready for Seminary.  By then there's too much to do to go back to bed.  So tonight I'll blog.  Oh - and I'll write monologues since I leave for Sitka in a couple of weeks and need to have 12 complete monologues written and partially memorized before leaving.  Most people who read this blog will have no idea what I'm talking about ... I know I'm rambling, but it feels good.

Good stuff today though: 

the job hunt continues for Brad, but he has an interview coming up next week in Cali and the week after at Lake Las Vegas.  They aren't necessarily real interviews, as there aren't immediate openings - but they're companies that are interested in Brad, and Brad is very interested in them.  So, as we continue to search for something ... anything, we keep having our hope kindled with positive situations like these.

Also today:  While setting up interviews for my trip to Sitka, I talked with the Sitka Convention & Visitor's Bureau Exec. Dir. and one thing led to another, and it looks as if I may have sold another commercial for our show here in Vegas!  That is getting me ever closer to where I need to be for our taping that begins the middle of February.  If anyone reading this knows of a company or person who can part with a measly $2600 for a commercial spot in an up-and-coming cool talk-show in Vegas, let me know!  I need to sell a couple more spots, and SOON!

More good from today:  I saw the dentist and got my stitches out.  He says everything is healing nicely and I can get a crown in about 3 months ... SHEESH! ... 3 months!  I had oral surgery because of a faulty root canal done years ago that cracked my root.  This was done right before Christmas.  I was in killer pain for a little while, so took a narcotic pain killer daily.  I was afraid I'd get addicted - I was taking so much!  Anyway, I stopped taking them, and I'm NOT addicted (yay).  I do still have a hole where he took out the tooth and put in a post (ick) - BUT the good news is that it's all healing like it should and I'll have a new crown in a few months.  I sure wish we had a dentist in the family - it is SO EXPENSIVE to get stuff like this done!

Also today:  I've made great strides in reclaiming the house after the holidays.  The front half of the house is in good order, and could even pass "white glove" inspection (hehehe)

That's it.  Tash tagged me, so the next time I have insomnia I'll write all about myself.  Cross your fingers that I can sleep soon.


Shelise said...

I didnt realize you had dental work done. I actually love getting my teeth cleaned but anything beyond that is just pure misery for me. Your house did look really good last night. If it makes you feel any better, I couldnt sleep from about 1-4 last night due to my legs being extremely restless. I sat up in bed looking around for quite a while until I finally thought of some new position that might help me drift off more comfortably. Continual good luck wishes with the job hunt.

Grandma Chapman said...

Years ago, while I was still working I had two great accounts located in Las Vegas: Young Electric Sign Company and Rocky Mountain Machinery Company. That was a long time ago, but I'd check them out to see if they still exist.

The Covie said...

Hi Denalee! Cute blog! It looks like your family has a lot of fun! That stinks that you had to have surgery. I hope you are feeling better and we are praying for your family that Brad finds work soon!

Steven and Brooke said...

i hate insomnia, sorry mom.

on another note, SHELISE, INVITE ME TO READ YOUR BLOG!!! I tried to click on it and it says i can't - my email is :)