Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, with a long weekend ahead of us, and a gas card as a gift (thank you!) we packed the trunk with the rest of Trevor's rubbermaid containers then crammed a few of our own belongings into the trunk.  Being "finals week" for the kids, they were out of school early on Friday, so we left before traffic got bad.  Hooray!  The kids all conked out in the back seat.  Amazing how they can stay strapped in while getting "comfortable" for sleeping!  We were really excited because this trip was a surprise for Brooke ... she had no idea we were coming up!  We arrived in Utah in time to see Trevor for just a few minutes before heading up to SLC to stay the night with Brad's parents.  Caci & Jace were in St. George for a birthday ... Trevor was working like crazy - so we enjoyed the evening just with Grandma & Grandpa.  
We showed up at Brooke & Steven's townhouse just as they got back from a wedding ... Steve knew we were coming, but Brooke was completely surprised!  That was so fun!  It was so good to be together and in IDAHO!  They have a really BEAUTIFUL home - and comfortable too.  It's decorated so stylishly.  
We had MAJOR fun playing with the Wii!  Tennis, bowling and boxing gave me the best workout I've had in ages!
We didn't get around to playing Nertz with all the Wii playing we did ... but it was TONS of fun!  

Our original plan was to spend just Saturday with our Idaho kids, then leave right after church on Sunday to head back to Utah to be with those kids and Brad's parents .... but we just couldn't part with Steven and Brooke so soon!  (It's never enough time!) Plus, Caci and Jace weren't back in Provo yet ... so while staying longer, we found even more fun things to do.  It was icy cold ... so PERFECT for ICE SKATING!!!!  Due to my obvious clumsiness, and the need for one of us to be the photographer, I didn't get skates ... but everyone else did - and it was SO FUN to watch the process!  BRYAN was unbelievable on the ice!  He just stepped out and started skating like a pro!  Steven and Brooke were equally good.  The rest ... well ....

It took a while for everyone else to get their "ice legs".  Before the night was over, Brad and Sierra were also skating all over the place, and AZURE was in a verticle position more than not :)  I spent most of the time laughing so hard I had to cross my legs!  All in all, the skating time was incredibly memorable.  A HUGE thank you to Brookie and Steven!