Sunday, January 25, 2009


A small crowd of GREAT kids showed up to help us celebrate Bryan's SWEET 16.  Thanks to Sierra and her sweet friend, Allie (pictured far right), the event was well planned and well executed.  Caci, Azure and Azure's friend, Mikayla, spent the morning cleaning and baking for the party.  Bry and Brad were expected back between 5:30 and 6:00 ... so we hoped they'd be a few minutes late to give everyone time to show up for the surprise.  They were actually 1 1/2 HOURS late!  We had a blast while waiting for them .... games like:  the paper bag game; psychiatrist; picture-sentence ... and the FOOD kept us busy waiting.  FINALLY we heard Bryan's knock on the door (we locked it so he'd have to knock).  It was totally CLASSIC with the lights out, Bryan walking in, and everyone JUMPING UP and yelling SURPRISE!  Hooray!  It worked!  GOOD JOB SIERRA!  

Instead of a cake, Caci and the girls made "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN" Cupcakes and cookies combined.  It turned out SO CUTE.  

After just getting back from a 2-day WINTER CAMP, building and sleeping in an IGLOO, playing in the SNOW, etc ... Bryan was completely EXHAUSTED!  But after a quick shower he joined right in, besting everyone in SPOONS, competing well in MURDER, and POPPING BALLOONS.  

Like I said in the beginning, it was an incredible group of kids ... I felt welcomed right in and like a teenager again myself :)  The STATES GAME had everyone in stitches ... by the end of the game the newspaper was pretty much shredded.  

Thanks to everyone who made BRYAN'S 16TH BIRTHDAY TRULY SWEET!


Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

So fun!!!!! Happy B-day Bryan!!!!!!!!!! We had a blast!

Brooke said...

gosh dang it i wish we could have come!!! it looks like it was such a blast. those cupcake/cookie things look delicious

A real henderson housewife said...

I can't belive Bryan is 16! I thought he was younger but dont' tell him. I have to tell you he was such a huge help to us in the kitchen for the last two ward Christmas parties-I mean more of a help than some adults. I hope to have kids so amazing and strong like yours! Hope you can sleep tonight