Monday, February 2, 2009


I don't want to take too much of my Sitka time to Blog ... but want everyone to know about the fun stuff we're doing.  So first, if you want details:  For now, go to my daughter-in-law's blog: ... she's a great blogger.  I'll just post some pictures for now, then when I have down time I'll write.  Oh!  And Caci uploaded the Splash! TV episode where I interviewed her - it's on her blog, so check it out.Joshua and Camielle watching TV after a long day

Caci & Josh

This is my birthday present for the next decade from Camielle ... I LOVE it and hope I can actually get it home on this trip!

Sunday afternoon

Technical Director:  Caci

Caci conked out on the plane on our way here.

This last one is a picture of the boys on the day Bryan was ordained a Priest.  It was wonderful that Trevor was able to make the trip for this special day.  (Caci & Jace were there too!)


Denalee said...

We are having SOOOO much fun! Yeay!!

Tracey said...

I had no idea you were a big celebrity. It doesn't surprise me, you have a great personality. What a fun job.