Friday, February 27, 2009


This was a totally exciting and exhilarating day!  It was our first day of production of The Vegas Splash!
We taped the show openings on the upper deck of the Desert Princess, as well as one of our interviews, then headed inside to the 2nd deck where all the lights, cameras, etc were set up.  
Below:  Sonia setting up inside; "A Minute with Mike" (LMC's Chef showing off some of his creations); Neill at the camera on the upper deck.

PM Digital Group is the best production team I could ever hope to work with.  They're a great group of professionals who are as much fun as they are good.  They're all incredibly hard workers.  Our producer, Trip, did some great pre-production work along with Neill and Sonia and we ended up with 4 incredible shows!  Below are pictures of some of the show tapings ... The first is a picture we took as soon as I got home and found the flowers the family (thank you Brookie!) got for me!  What a sweet surprise!  Next is Neill with all the equipment; The me tasting one of Chef Mike's INCREDIBLE creations; Then, perhaps the most entertaining and crazy interviews I've ever done - The Sinister Minister and his side-kick; The next picture is from our "Heart Healthy" show - we have Doug Shepard, Fitness Expert and Dr. Jone Flanders, cardiologist.  Then the picture is of a Beatles impersonator, Andrew Hill from Australia - he's part of the group:  Sixties Mania who performs on the Strip regularly.  The next is a picture with the head guys from the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation - incredible people doing incredible work.  Trip Mitchell (producer) is on the right in that picture.   

The whole day was fabulous. Looking forward to next Friday!!!!  Oh - our TV debut is Saturday, March 27th at 9:30 am on Las Vegas One (cable channel 19) ... don't forget to watch!



Steven said...

You are pretty much the coolest mother-in-law i have ever had!!! We are way excited for you!

Denalee said...

Thank you Steven ... It was so much fun - wish I could have had you here for this!
Love you!

Tasha said...

I wanna watch!
Love the hair!
Love you!

Denalee said...

Thanks Tash. I love you too :)

Shelise said...

Good luck with everything.