Monday, February 16, 2009


We are so grateful we were able to move here a year and a half ago. Between planned visits and surprise last-minute visits, we've been able to be together as a family so often! We are really, really GRATEFUL!  

A week ago Jace helped me make a "green smoothie" full of life-sustaining goodness for our bodies ... he then DRANK ALL OF HIS and LOVED it!  GOOD JOB JACE!!!  

So anyway, we knew that Trevor and Caci & Jace would be spending a night or two with us over Valentine's Weekend, but what we didn't know - for a while anyway - was that Brookie and Steven had a surprise visit planned.  Well, Steve contacted us and arranged for a reverse surprise for Brooke.  We snuck into their hotel room at the Stratosphere before they arrived and decorated it as per Steven's directions (he's such a romantic!).  Included in the decorations were Brooke's favorite chocolates ... So, really, Brooke was the one surprised.  The hard part for us was waiting for Saturday to come so they'd be at our house.
Thinking they'd get here sometime Saturday afternoon, and not expecting Trev & Caci till evening, Bryan and I took a morning trip into Vegas for his belated birthday present.  He got some money specifically for a swap meet and/or antique store.  Bryan was a trooper to let me snap this shot outside of this GIGANTIC swap meet.  Once we stepped inside, it was like we had left America and were in an unknown 3rd-world-country!  We had a blast together, working our way through the maze they called a swap meet.  When we were reasonably sure we'd seen everything, we left ... didn't actually purchase anything, but we THOUGHT about it!  It was a fun time together.

Steven and Brooke surprised us with a Valentine's gift certificate to OUTBACK ... Hooray!  We completely enjoyed the BLOOMIN' ONION and our meals (Brad had shrimp & I had soup) Still we barely found room for this incredible dessert!  Yum, Yum, YUM!  Such a sweet night!

Brookie and Steve brought Wii ... so believe it or not, even with Trevor and Steven competing against each other, we all DID eventually get a chance to play!  Those two have FIERCE competitions!  The entire weekend was fun, crazy, and fulfilling!  Even with everyone's colds, and Brooke's MORNING SICKNESS (yay!) we all had a great time!

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Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

It is ALWAYS so much fun to be with the whole family! It seems like we are with you every week lately! So fun! Happy Valentines Day!!! We had a blast!!