Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nostalgic Night

Thanks to Bryan's keen ears, Brad and I were able to get tickets to go see AMERICA in concert last weekend.  Holy Schmoly!  I felt like a teenager again!  They were great - their songs transformed me back into the teenager whose biggest problem was not having a date for the weekend.  Brad has raised our kids on America songs - they all can play them, sing the melody, the harmony, and even make up more harmonies to go along.  They know all the words.  All this makes them more a product of the 70s than I am!  

The concert was held at The Cannery in North Las Vegas.  It was nearly 100 degrees, so I was SO glad for the frozen wash cloths they were handing out.  The venue was small, so it felt intimate.  I looked all around once we took our seats and commented to Brad, "everyone here is SO OLD! - glad we're not that old!"  It would have been a perfect night, but the lady sitting next to me needed 2 seats, so she used mine.  It was already killer hot - she had to put her arm around me to fit.  It was rather uncomfortable.  

Still, it was a great night out together.  Afterward, we joined the line at the CD & t-shirt table to say a quick "hello" and get autographs.  We were near the front of the line (thanks to sitting in the back at the concert :)  Back in 1990 when AMERICA came to Guam for a concert, Brad was Dewey's divemaster when he joined Micronesian Divers Assoc. for a day of diving.  After the concert the 3 of them had a good time reminiscing about it.


Rebecca and Co. said...

Yay, it looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

Rachel said...

That sounds SO fun. America is great.

Steven & Brooke said...

hahaha i love that picture of dad talking to them!! and that last picture of dad is super handsome. thanks for calling me during the concert! steven thought i was a freak cause i kept randomly singing along into the phone haha.

Denalee said...

Brookie - that made me laugh out loud! I'm glad the connection was strong enough for you to be able to tell what song they were on ... or did you just start singing ANY America song ...?

Grandma Chapman said...

I like the picture of Brad pointing his finger; must have
been making an astute observation.
The picture of Denalee's green tongue also interested me. Brad will remember the Cluff family who
drank so much carrot juice their skin turned yellow.

I really enjoy your blogs.

Gramps C