Sunday, May 16, 2010

busy, busy, busy!

I'm completely enjoying my time alone with my parents.
There are 6 of us kids, so time alone with them is really precious - even as adults.
Here's how we've spent some of that time:
Mom & I went to the wig shop and got matching hats.
The night I arrived I cut off the rest of my Mom's hair ... no, she didn't NEED to be in a straight-jacket for it, but it was a lot more fun that way :)

Dad not only made an AMAZING Sunday dinner, but his presentation ... well, it was a feast for the eyes!
You know how people have "wet bars"?
Well, this is my parents'
candy bar
is this heaven, or what?
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Azure said...

CUte hats:)and the candy bar and dinner look DELICIOUS!

Sierra said...

yum yum yum yum! miss you! <3

Call Family(: said...

LoL! love the hats(: ya... the candy bar is SO COOL! But I need a new picture of me! Enjoying your visit? Their house is AWESOME! Love ya!

Tasha said...

wow your cute Dad! I love the CANDY BAR I am so doing that when I am a grandma!