Sunday, December 21, 2008

If ever there was an enchanted time of life for me, this is it!  I LOVE having everyone together.  It's been a crazy week, and an even crazier month ... but moments together are what put everything into perspective.

Trevor and Caci have been traveling back and forth between here and California, getting their "SummerSalesBus.Com" bus ready for transport.  It's an amazing accomplishment!  We were all so excited when Trevor arrived just after Caci and Jace did a couple of days ago.  They signed with a major business last week, so they're having successes even before getting started!  This bus started out as a regular, gigantic bus ... but after gutting it and putting lots and lots of hours into it, take a look at it now:

The boys spent a little time working on the heater, "testing out the games", and inviting the girls to help ... while others of us took care of Christmas things.

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