Sunday, June 6, 2010

sunday thought

Sunday afternoon ...
Bry's in Texas with the Calls for his cousin's Eagle Court
so it's been just Dad & the girls.
Today when the sacrament hymn started and the priests realized there was no bread ...
the drama unfolded. I have to admit I was distracted.
I watched as the YM pres zipped out to find bread,
then found my thoughts wandering to where he would find it ~ the freezer? the closest member? the family with lots of kids who probably brought bread?
Finally I let go of my secular thoughts and listened as our organist played, and played some more. When he switched to "I Need Thee Every Hour" I found myself completely in tune and grateful for the prolonged sacrament service. This week it took an extra several minutes for me to do what I should do every week. Ponder on the Atonement.
This week I'm grateful for forgotten bread.

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Tasha said...

we had a sunday like that once... guess who's son was supposed to bring the bread, and who's other son was supposed to be blessing it. :o)
I wish we had extra prelude we started the talks instead.
Thanks for a great reminder. Ihave to admit it's a little easier to focus with fewer kids on the bench :o)