Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bragging on Bryan

Senior picture time, so Sierra grabbed her professional camera and drug Bryan along.
I don't have a clue why Bry is so reticent about having his picture taken.
These few photos are proof that he's not only gorgeous, but oh-so-photogenic!
Bryan is in all AP and a couple of Honors classes. He's acing them. Which proves not only that he's killer smart (we've known that forever) but that this year he's also very self-motivated.
Yeah, he'll be 18 soon, but Bryan is still the*most*tender*hearted*person in. the. world.
His love-language is gifting. So when he crams his last nacho down your throat, realize he's saying "I love you". (and then eat it)


Hi, I'm Erin said...

What an amazing young man! And bravo on the perfect photos!

Shelise said...

He is very handsome. I've always thought that. I was looking at these and told Kyle that I thought Bryan looked so old. Kyle looked over at the computer and said, "whoah, Bryan Chapman? (in a truly amazed voice) Ah, he's growin' up so fast!" (in a joking and loving voice) lol. He really is super photogenic. Sierra did a great job on the pics too. Kyle and I were just talking about Bryan today while we went on a walk. We can't believe that he is so old already. Will he do any college before the mission?

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