Friday, November 20, 2009


... thankfully it was only 24 hours long...
Coke syrup almost always works for me -
when the kids have had the stomach flu
and I start to feel queezy, I down a spoonful
of coke syrup and although i don't feel great
I can usually keep from throwing up.
Not this time.
I was SO SICK for 1 full day
but, JOY OF JOYS! it only lasted a day!
I feel like, well - I was going to say million bucks
but actually, I feel more like about 200,000 bucks today.
Fever's gone
no chills
no vomiting
the only complaint I have is a band of sore muscles
from the violent sickness.
(But at least I got my exercise in for the day!)
here's hoping no one else get's it!


Sheryl Parsons said...

Oh so sorry to hear about that! I use Pepsi when I have the stomach flu, but coke works as well. Hope all are well now, yuck!
Oh and Dan Fogelberg is a perfect choice for your music! Love him. Hugs, Sheryl

Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

Glad you're feeling better-- just in time for Thanksgiving! It would have been a bummer to be sick for that; ick!

Denalee said...

Hi Sheryl - you read my blog? Yay!
Dan Fogelberg is the greatest musical artist ever! Glad you like him too. Hey Sheryl - your profile picture is framed and up in my house. LOVE it! Can't wait to see what comes this year :)

Caci - get here soon, ok? Stop piddling around in Provo and zip down here for some comfy weather and good times.

The Murray Files said...

So sorry you were sick. I got the flu shot. Here's hoping it works. :) Have a great Thanksgiving.

Rebecca and Co. said...

I know what you mean about getting an abs workout!!! You wouldn't wish to do it again but it's kind of a good hurt afterwards . . . well, we have to look on the bright side, right?!? Glad you are on the mend!