Friday, November 13, 2009

why i love my life

Isn't it amazing how the live's we're handed
are SO MUCH better
than what we would choose for ourselves?
I would NEVER have chosen
to be a full-time babysitter
at age 50.
But with the life I've been handed,
I now have 3 adorable,
precious children
who make me smile
everytime I hear them holler:
I love these kids.
Added blessing:
with these kids comes 2 incredible adults
I'm happy to call my friends.

Reason #2 that I love my life:
Brad and the kids
have totally stepped up to the plate.
Between shoulder massages
and offers to help out with my work
everyone is watching out for me.

Reason #3:
grown kids, kids-in-law and grandkids
in the entire universe!!!!

I love my life.

1 comment:

Grandma Chapman said...

Hi Denalee, and you have two other people who love you very, very much. You are so wonderful, beautiful, precious and so, so, talented. We feel so blessed to have you a part of our lives. Never, never forget how much we love you and are thankful for you.