Thursday, April 22, 2010

craving anything?

this picture taken by Sierra
makes my saliva glands go crazy
a month ago, while visiting family in Utah
brooke introduced us to a cute little italian restaurant
where we ordered 3 (yes, 3!) desserts
and nope, i didn't eat them all by myself
but i could have
chocolate is my weakness ...
what's yours?


Rebecca and Co. said...

My weakness is cream cheese-and- fruit desserts. Anything lemon. Anything berry. Or doughnuts. I am a sucker for glazed doughnuts. Wait, what was the question again? ;)

Shelise said...

I love chocolate. I love desserts. I love food. But... mostly chocolate. Its why these last 10-15 pounds is still hangin' around. Hopefully I can have self control enough to stop eating junk so that I can get these pounds off before I get pregnant again.... dont worry though that wont be for a while. I'm enjoying my boys right now and I want a little more time with just them. lol. Why when I leave comments do I give more information than is needed?? By the way that cake looks SO good. That "so" is VERY exaggerated.

Azure said...

Shelise - the Italian Restaurant where these delectable cakes can be purchased and consumed in a darling, provincial setting is right smack in the middle of your college town! Don't remember the name of the place, but it's on Center Street.

Denalee said...

oops, signed in as Azure, but that last comment was from me :)

Elaine said...

That cake looks DELISH!!

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