Monday, April 12, 2010

one thing i love

Some might call it noisy.
I call it beautiful.
I love searching the house for a quiet place to be on the phone
only to find each room's silence broken by music
This past weekend it seems that someone is always on the piano
and guitars and voices penetrate all the other rooms.
Yesterday even the backyard air
was filled with strumming and singing.
Steven, Brooke & Gage
is one thing i love


Shelise said...

Brooke looks amazing!! And Gage is SO cute!

I too love to hear music but I can only imagine it coming from my children. Well, I guess it technically does. Hudson sings ALL DAY LONG (songs like I am a child of god, mary had a little lamb, and jesus wants me for a sunbeam) and Cannon tries really hard to sing. In time I guess. I guess I need to appreciate their music more. One thing I really miss a lot is the piano. Growing up the piano was going all the time and now its like this silent void. I really miss it. I guess thats why I like to listen to instrumental music so much.

I have been to death valley many times but never on a year that there has been so much rain prior to spring blooming. Its beautiful there.

Erin said...

A budding musician- how darling!

Rebecca and Co. said...

You have such a musical family...even your grandbaby loves it, eh? He's adorable!

I loved your pictures of Death Valley...I kept telling Bryce we should go to Valley of Fire over spring break when I really meant Death Valley. (Not that it would have made a difference. LOL)

LRW said...

Wow, that's amazing! So, glad you stopped by my blog the other day! Appreciate it! Hope you're having a great day!

Sheryl Parsons said...

What lovely sentiments! How fortunate you are to have family close. It's a joy when that can be.