Thursday, March 12, 2009


15 years ago tonight, our beautiful sweet Sierra was born - she came out wiggling and screaming and has been a delight ever since.  WE LOVE YOU!Birthday cake was a circle of ice cream sandwiches and kit-kats!

Sierra and best-friend, Carli

Good-morning Sierra!  Breakfast in bed.

Surprise party at the dance studio.  THANKS Miss Kim!


Steven and Brooke said...

what a cute cake! haha. sierra looks so grown up. it's crazy. her breakfast in bed picture makes me so hungry. what a fun birthday! did she get the card yet?

Denalee said...

not yet - probably tomorrow. How're you feeling sweetie?
I go to bed SO early because I"m so exhausted. Call me as soon as it's "night" tonight - 'k?
GUESS WHAT? Galleria actually DID buy a commercial today! We're taping our last 5 episodes for the season there on April 14. HOORAY!!!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday Sierra!

Denalee said...

guess what........i organized the party at dannce with cake from miss kim but all frome me

Denalee said...

oops that is me az