Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We had another successful day of taping yesterday!  That's 8 shows taped - only 5 to go - to be finished for the season!  What a day!  These 4 shows were taped at the PM Digital Group studio.  This picture is Sonia, setting some of the back-light.
Bryan worked CONTINUITY for the day.  He timed everything out perfectly!  Glad we had him :)
Show #5 was Chris Maathuis, Channel 8 Sports Director and Anchor; and Ron Gerrard, National Radio Sports 
This picture shows Trip (producer) with all of us.
Sonia does pretty much everything - mic, lights, cameras, teleprompter, make up ....
These pictures are out of show order now, but the next one shows Trip & myself with Lena Prima (Louis Prima's daugher - the Prima family are Las Vegas icons ... he was a major Jazz performer back in the 50s and 60s) and Billy Hinsche - of Dino (Dean Martin's son), Desi (Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball's son) and Billy fame.  They had several big hits in the mid 60s and started off the success of young kids in music - following them were the Partridge Family, David Cassidy, etc.  Anyway, Billy also was a musician with the Beach Boys for years and years.
This is Bryan with "Mr. Bigfoot" between tapings.
Lauren Wood, KSHP Radio host and Mr. Bigfoot, Comedian
Bry - doing his work
I think this is a cool shot - with the tripod & headphones in the foreground as we get ready to tape the final segment of Show #7 with Darlene Mea and Matisun.
Matisun is a singer/songwriter and author; Darlene is a Promoter/Producer ... both VERY nice people!
Billy Hinsche was really fun to talk with both on and off camera.  A very nice man.
A quick picture of Bryan with Billy Hinsche and Lena Prima.  Cool.
It was a great day of taping.  We also taped a :15-second promo for the show that Las Vegas One will air wherever it fits in.  Next tapings:  the week of April 13th.
I love doing this!


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So cool! It is amazing how many celebrities you are getting. I can't wait to see the shows!

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you look SO SKINNY! that picture in that cute top with the leggings.. holy COW! you are TEENY WEENY!

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Thanks girls :)