Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's been a crazy-hectic few weeks lately!  I'll just post some pictures with comments to catch everyone up .....
My Dad flew out from Texas for a quick interview on "The Vegas Splash!".  He's a financial adviser with Eagle Strategies, LLC - and he did a fabulous job.  Our family was so glad to have him here!

It was Azure's turn to help with the show ... here she's posing with two of the entertainers I interviewed:  Yves Frulla (Celine Dion's Keyboard Player) and Jay White (Neil Diamond Impersonator - boy is he GOOD!)

It wasn't JUST a family day .... but there was a lot of family there!  My brother, Bruce, representing Tahitian Noni International was a guest on the show as well as (below) my cousin, Susan, representing (she's the one in blue - the other is Nola, a cosmetologist)

Brad was also with us on our last taping day of the season - I LOVE these long-distance production shots he got!  We taped at the Galleria at Sunset mall and it was a blast - a little noisy, but nonetheless, lots of fun.  

People started to congregate when Jay White (as Neil Diamond) started to sing "Sweet Caroline" ... by the end of the song, we had a huge crowd.  He was so "authentic" that I was immediately transported back to high school.  SO FUN!

MAJOR yum!  We taped 3 short segments with these sushi chefs ... of course, tasting it was THE BEST part ... they stayed after their segments and made up the rest of the food they brought for the cast and crew .... HOORAY FOR US!

So, that was the end of taping for Season One!  Very exciting!  The shows we've taped will air through mid-June.  We'll get started taping for Season 2 probably in May.  This is tons of fun:)

With the help of Bryan's past Teacher's Quorum Advisor (Brother Leja), Bryan made this BEAUTIFUL chess board for me out of maple and black walnut.  Here he is playing a not-so-quick game with Grandpa Call.

The week before taping the show, the kids and I drove up to SLC for part of conference - some of us spent time on Temple Square listening, then headed up to Idaho where we spent the week with Brookie & Steve with their "Trash Queen" business.  It was a fast, but FUN trip!

Those are more pics from our short time together in Utah ... (oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CACI!) ... it was so fun to see our PREGNANT Brookie!  Such a CUTE tummy!  Az stayed with Trevor, Caci & Jace for the week, having tons of adventures, and the big kids and I enjoyed the week learning what REAL HARD WORK is with Brookie & Steve-o.  Good memories!
(but we all missed Brad!)

A BIG Happy 51st Birthday to Brad!!!!!  We love you !


A Real Key Largo Housewife said...

Looks like you have had a lot of well deserved fun! Love all the pictures. Miss y'all out there

Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

FINALLY an update! We've been anxiously awaiting! the show looks AWESOME! That is so cool that you could do it in the mall so all those people could see the new Vegas Celebrity!! It was great seeing you all!

Tasha said...

I am exhausted just reading about it :o)
Love ya Denalee!

The Murray Files said...

Hey, heard you were coming up!I have a great person for you to interview if you are looking. Can't wait to see you.

Denalee said...

Rochelle! Hi!
I can't get to your blog ... but, yes! I have room for another interview. Call me at 702-568-8411 or email me with contact info.
Nice to hear from you!