Thursday, April 2, 2009


For Sierra's birthday, all she wanted was a trip to SLC to see David A. in concert.  So everyone contributed, and that's what she (we ) got!  It was a really fun trip ... Here are some highlights:
This was right before the concert started ... we were headed to our seats (way up!) when Sierra spotted the drummer (Eli, I think) from David's band.  It was so funny ... she tapped him on the shoulder and just said, "Hi".  If I weren't there with the camera, I think Sierra would have just stood there staring at him saying "Hi" over and over again. 
This is right after the concert with Amy-something ... the warm-up singer before David came on.
Ok - the CONCERT was ENJOYABLE, the after-party TOLERABLE, being on the VIP list for the afterparty and walking past the long line to the gigantic bouncer, then being let right in ... well, that was just THE BOMB, or SICK, or WHATEVER THE VERNACULAR is today ...  (THANKS TREVOR ... YOU HAVE GREAT CONNECTIONS!)
Unfortunately, David never showed up at the after-party ... so Sierra settled for a picture with his 15-year-old brother, Daniel.  (He performed and is quite the guitar player!)
... and a picture with his dad (hehe) ...

... and a picture with David Osmond (Idol contestant) ...

All in all, it was a really fun night!


Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

Oooh! Cute outfit, Sierra! Bummer David wasn't there.... But looks like you had a great time!

David and McKenzie said...

Hi! My name is McKenzie Guymon. I worked for Tasha Reed for a long time and I just adore her! My husband just found out that he is doing his student teaching in Las Vegas next summer! Tasha said that you lived there! How do you like it? Should I be as nervous as I am to move from my little bubble of Rexburg, Idaho to Las Vegas?

Rachel said...

That's awesome. And way cute pictures!