Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sierra and I spent a glorious week in Sitka.  Yes - we worked - but BOY! did we ever play too!  Much to Sierra's happiness, there was a little rain.  But we spent most of our days in the sun in 50-60 degree weather ... PERFECT!  Following are some pictures of our wonderful time there:Above:  Sierra near John Brown's Beach where we collected sea glass.  
Below:  Sierra and her friend, Helaina - during lunch hour on Sandy Beach at low tide.

Above:  The day before leaving, Sierra went to school and I sat on the beach COMPLETELY ALONE listening to the surf and watching sea lions.  It was PERFECT.
Below:  Beautiful Sitka as the plane starts to take off.

Above:  Sunday morning was the lowest tide of the month ... we thought it a very appropriate Sabbath activity - to walk along the beach :)
Below:  Sierra at Halibut Point Rec - it was a GORGEOUS day.

Above:  Sierra and I posed with our family's dear friend, Elmo at church (the building is made of cedar and SMELLS INCREDIBLE)
Below:  Sunday morning we found all kinds of sand dollars like the one below, wedged between rocks in tide pools.

Above:  Just an artistic picture:)
Below:  My sis, Camielle, at the beach with us.

Above:  Sierra
Below:  Camielle

Above:  Another artistic picture (I'm getting good, aren't I!??!!)  This one has Sierra in it.
Below:  Sierra working the recorder and switcher for the show.

It was a great trip.  This is Sierra at Silver Bay.  This was after our little stop at the chocolate factory ... mmmmm!  I just realized - no pictures of Camielle's son, Joshua, on this post.  I'll have to add him later - OR - go to my facebook and look at the album I just posted.
That's it for now :)


Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! i am so jealous that Sierra got a whole week of sunshine in sitka-- that must have been breathtaking!! Love all the pics!

Grandma Chapman said...

Great pictures; really made us homesick for beautiful Sitka.

G & G Chapman

Tracey said...

Sitka looks absolutley beautiful. A beautiful mom, a beautiful daughter in a beautiful place. What more could you ask for.