Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Friend, Elmo

This is Elmo at the brand-spankin'-new ROUND-ABOUT in Sitka
there's nothing Elmo loves more than CONSTRUCTION
and so the workers here provided him with a vest and the "plans"
Let me tell you about Elmo
I remember our first Sunday at church in Sitka
With Bryan (2) and Sierra (1) toddling around my feet
I stepped backward right into Elmo
I looked up to see this giant of a man
just looking down, unaware that I'd crushed his toes
and smiling at the kids

When Azure was born
we all knew from the very beginning that she'd have things her way!
She liked a few people, and was terrified of others
She'd have NOTHING to do with most men
for the first several years of her life
In fact, our Bishop tried so hard to get her to at least not bury her face in my shoulder when he passed by ... but to no avail. She would rather be stuck in a dark closet alone than talk to him!

BUT she LOVED ELMO from day one!
She'd smile and coo at him
then when she could talk, she'd start up conversations with him
she loved Elmo just like the rest of us

Although Elmo functions mentally at a child's level (maybe 8 or 9?)
he's brilliant in some areas
We have a big family, but he knows all our birthdays
he remembers that I visit Sitka quarterly and asks who I'm bringing next
He remembers that Brooke is married and expecting and that her husband's name is Steve
He remembers that Trevor did an Eagle Scout project with books
He remembers all the significant dates in Joseph Smith's life
He remembers that Brad was his bishop and helped him say the sacrament prayers

Elmo is one of the purest and sweetest of all of the people in the world!
We are blessed to know him.


Steven & Brooke said...

I love Elmo too, and I still bury my head in your shoulder when that Bishop walks by, azure's not the only one scared of him

Ashley said...

Ahh! Thats SO sweet!