Sunday, July 12, 2009


First: Find a salmonberry patch
any day will do
but if you're lucky enough to see the sun
it sure makes for more enjoyable picking!

Second: Enlist Pickers

but preferably someone who doesn't have an empty, growling tummy

and someone with courage to reach

where even bears won't go

Third: Pick
singing while picking is encouraged
the purpose is two-fold:
it keeps bears and other mammals (including other pickers) away
it keeps your mouth busy
so the temptation to eat every-other-berry is diminished

Fourth: Admire Your Harvest
there's nothing more fulfilling
than gazing at the bubbles of summer color
caught in each salmonberry

Fifth: Consume
while some may argue
about the best way to consume your salmonberries
...over ice cream...
for me, the next best thing to eating a fresh berry right off the bush
is preparing a bowful with a light covering of cream
Now that you understand
the fundamentals of
salmonberries ...