Monday, August 24, 2009

Can't Wait

Brooke & Steven's baby is due in less than a month now ...
I leave on 9/11 (hehehe) to go up to help out
and am hoping Brooke can hold off till then.
These days they don't let you go too long past your due date
so I'm sure I won't have to wait many days
But when my mom came out for my first baby, she came just a few days early
(like I'm doing with Brooke)
and Trevor was a full 2 weeks late.
My Mother was a real trooper.
I was grumpy and tired and anxious
and she was just happy and loving and giving and willing to be there or not - whatever I wanted
I hope I can do the same for Brookie.
My Mom made my favorite breakfasts for me:
creamed eggs
rice & raisins
and she showed me what to do when Trevor wouldn't stop crying
It was HORRIBLE when she left
sure ... it was fun and exiting to be our own little family of 3
but I didn't know how I could cope without my mother
Now I get to try to do the same for my little girl
Have I mentioned that my mom is an expert seamstress? And can make pretty much anything with her hands? She's amazing.
When Azure was ready to be born, my mother came up to Alaska to help out. She missed the FUN of labor at the hospital because she was staying with the other 4 kids, getting them off to school, making meals ... AND making Azure's blessing dress. She crocheted it. It's gorgeous. But we KNEW Azure was a boy, so I told Mom that it was pointless to be crocheting a dress when all she needed to do was sew a suit.
Sewing doesn't come easy to me. But I imagine it's a whole lot easier to sew a blessing suit than to crochet a blessing dress ... SO, I'm grateful Brooke's having a BOY ... HOORAY!
I can't wait


Rebecca and Co. said...

You will be an awesome grandma to this little baby when he comes! Brooke is lucky to have you to help out.

Steven & Brooke said...

i can't wait!!!!