Thursday, August 27, 2009


12 years?
Azure was just my little snuggler ...
... then the silly toddler who would make us all laugh ...
that's never stopped
Azure always makes us laugh
This morning Bryan played a voicemail for me that Sierra and Azure left on his phone last night
The girls were a series of characters - each from a different country - introducing themselves and leaving a message for Bryan. Their accents are amazing. I laughed thru the whole thing. The funniest and most authentic sounding was the character from Iraq.

Ever since Azure was big enough to understand "play", the two of them have had an alternate world of play. Someday, ask them about Fredrick and Freddy.
One day when Azure was 8 or 9 she dressed up as a boy (with Sierra's help, I'm sure) and started break dancing. She did it all day.
When Azure gets really tired, she can't stop talking. This is especially true if we're playing a game. Right about the time I need peace & quiet and am focusing more on winning than enjoying the moment, Azure jabbers to the point of complete distraction. And despite my irritation I find myself laughing between my "QUIET, AZ!" statements.

Azure loves to bake. She rivals Bryan in her culinary skills.
Azure has always fit in with the older kids. In fact, all of us (adults included) often find ourselves hoping Azure will "pick me!" or feelings like that. We all want Azure to think we're cool.

Azure is compassionate. She will not put up with someone being hurt by someone else. She stands up for the underdog, and finds the best in every person.

We LOVE our little Az.


Tracey said...

Her laugh and the way she talks a million miles a minute crack me up. I love listening to all the girls after school.

~Paige~ said...

Happy birthday azure!!! :]

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Azure! I love yah!