Wednesday, August 5, 2009


After years away, I finally attended a Wheeler Reunion where my mother grew up - Antelope. Things had changed, but it still felt the same ... seeing aunts, uncles, 2nd cousins ... it all felt just like it felt when I was a kid. I think that's what reunions in the next life will be like ~ picking up where we left off. Here are some highlights:
Bry - being his cool self.

Caci, Vanessa, Brooke, Az. Watching Trev & Steve compete.

"If I Weren't a Call Girl"
Camielle, Sabre, Mom, Cristi, Me, Tracy, Jen, Stacy
Those in this picture know about the fun conversation
LOVE this family!

Oh so pregnant!

The Leaning Pine - now the Fallen Pine

Sisters: Mom, Aunt Fern, Aunt Joyce, Aunt Lucile

Around the campfire (thanks Trev, Bry & Eric!)
Where else can 2nd cousins become great friends?
Night time was great ... CAPTURE THE FLAG was the best. You should have seen our very pregnant Brooke chase down and catch the enemies, then take them to jail. Funniest-have-to-cross-your-legs-moment: Brooke & I captured their flag by great cunning only to have Brooke announce in the middle of enemy territory that we had it.

Catching a mouse. (That bite had to hurt, Bryan!)

The Call family +/- some

Siblings (where were you Cam?) missing Darryn too
Michael, Me, Bruce, Jenni

Mom & Aunt Joyce back where they grew up

oopsie-daisy! Vanessa, Carolina, Azure (couldn't even compose herself for a picture!)
For all you city people, that's a cowpie Carolina landed in ...

Cute family - Trevor, Caci & Jace

Only Caci can make using an outhouse look like fun.

Lime Green was the Call Family's color

It was raining, but Mom & I stood out in the rain for this picture. It's in front of the house in Ririe. They'd spend the school years at this house. In order to get to school in time, they'd often have to run under the train, as it stopped.

The Ririe house.

My Grandparents' graves. The Ririe Cemetary brought out a lot of emotion in me this time.

Yup - he drives.