Sunday, December 13, 2009

happy birthday BROOKIE

how did that happen so fast?
I know that for you it feels like a lifetime (hehehe)
but for Dad & me it feels like a couple of blinks
How we've been blessed by Brooke:
*as a child any angst came out in song
(sometimes so high-pitched only doggies could hear it)
*definition of loving caretaker: Brooke Chapman Redfern
*you had to have been amazing in our pre-earth life
the multi and varied talents you possess awe me!
*you are so aware. so very, very aware.
*you've taught me how to make positive changes
*there is room in your heart for everyone
*watching you mother your precious baby
thrills me to the bone:
even with talents beyond what most could ever hope for
you also excell
in the most important work of all.

Brookie, everyone who knows you is a better person
because you were born.
What a blessing that
I am your mother.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie-pie.


Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

Happy Birthday, Brooke!

Steven & Brooke said...

thank you so much! that was so nice.