Monday, December 7, 2009

i love sitka

Sitka, Alaska
Az & I had a blast together
We spent Sunday afternoon at Halibut Point Rec beach
searching for seaglass, skipping stones, breathing the amazing fresh sea air
cold, yes.
but oh so refreshing!
today's our last day here
so when I pick up Azure from school
I think we'll hit Crescent Harbor,
Sandy Beach, and we can't leave
without seeing the bears and eating chocolate samples!
Azure was an absolute pro
on our long taping day!
We completed taping of 12 shows
(editing took a bit longer)
So because we worked so hard the 1st two days, we've been able to totally enjoy Sitka this last little bit. Church was great, games with Camielle & Josh were fun
and the beach was amazing ...
We LOVE Sitka!

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Erin said...

I love Sitka too! Glad you had a wonderful trip :)