Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the sweetest thing in the world

Last night being the last FHE of the year
meant it was our
time for setting New Year Resolutions
In a nutshell, inspired by Amanda Dickson's talk at EFY 2008,
we write down the ridiculous things we've been hanging onto
for the past year
(people we can't change, situations making us crazy, etc)
take them outside, and as Bry lights them on fire
with his homemade blow torch
we watch them disappear and we
bless & release :)
Thankfully we had Trevor, Caci & Jace with us
and Trevor led us through our goal setting
He had us list 3 6-month goals
2 1-year goals
2 5-year goals
and 3 10-year goals
As overwhelming and daunting as some of those goals may seem, he told us to imagine one of those goals (the one that would have the most positive impact on our lives) being magically achieved over night.
This is the goal we circled.
Then on the other side of the paper we listed what we need to do to accomplish that one goal.
That goal is our aim.
Some of us shared some or all of our goals with each other
and this leads me to the
Brad shared only his circled goal
the one that would be the most joyous
and bring the most positive impact
this was it:
"help Denalee accomplish her goals"

I am blessed.


Erin said...

love is the best!

Rebecca and Co. said...

Aw, that is so awesome!

And it sounds like a great tradition to "bless and release" at the end of the year in preparation for setting goals. I may have to try that.