Saturday, June 13, 2009


Jace and his parents have been visiting for the past few days (yay for us!) and we're all having a blast.  Thankfully Caci loves to bake - but alas! - no pictures of her this time around.  Trevor loves to tease, and we've got a good picture of that.  And Jace loves his Aunts & Uncle.  

When we planned to go out for errands, we asked Jace, "Do you want to go with the girls or stay with the boys?"  Actually - first the question was, "do you want to be with the guys or the gals?" and his response was "gals".  Then I asked "What do gals do?" His response:  "Mooooo".  It took a few minutes till we realized he thought "gals" sounded like "cows" :)  But then when we changed the wording to "boys" and "girls" he immediately chose boys!!!  I asked him, "Why, what do boys do?"  He said, "They make guns, and play balls, and use tools."  So, he's Bryan's little shadow when Bryan is working on a project.  And Bryan is great with him.  He always finds him a tool and a something to call a project.


Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

So cute! We are having a blast being here, too. Jace just loves to do boy things with Bryan. Precious!

Ashley said...

AHHH! That is SO cute!