Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life is Good

I just want to say this about blogging:  Because I know others will read it (at least I THINK others read this ...) although I'm sharing events and some feelings, it's a whole lot different than writing in a journal.  But because I'm not a faithful journal writer, I have to be very GRATEFUL for technology and blogging.  My posterity will at least be able to read what I wrote for my family and friends to read while I was alive.  So HERE'S TO TECHNOLOGY!!!
It's been a great month ... here are some highlights:

My Dancing Princesses after their recital

We have some awesome friends in our ward who have offered a standing swimming invitation.  Over Memorial Day weekend when they were out of town, Az was hired to water their plants and we were all invited to use their pool.  Sierra and I spent a couple of hours alone together reading and swimming.  SO nice! (Thanks Nancy & Tyler!)
Late in the month we taped two promo demos for new shows to be aired on the visitor's channel in about 80,000 hotel rooms.  It was way fun work!  You can read about the first one called "This Week In Vegas" which is an entertainment show - what's going on each week with new artists coming to town, etc, on my son's and daughter-in-law's blog:  http://jtrevorchapman.com
The second one is called "Shopping the Strip"  - obviously a shopping show for the visitor's channel.  We taped the demo at Town Square - here are a couple of pics from it:
(Big thanks to Erika for her fashion help!)

Highlight of the month was a quick weekend trip to Idaho to be with Brookie & Steven.
Our next grandson:
Thanks for a GREAT weekend kiddies!


Steven & Brooke said...

holy cow the girls look so grown up! especially sierra, jeez louise! her hair is so cute! i'm jealous.

and i love that picture of dad and jace, can't wait til our little boy is bonding with them too :)

Steven & Brooke said...

hahah and is jace sitting on a garbage bag so he won't spill on the carpet??? hahahaha

A Real Key Largo Housewife said...

I read your blog and enjoy it very much. That is so cool about taping those promos for the hotels. How exciting! You look great by the way too. Take care!

Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

The girls look so beautiful! Who the heck cuts their hair? They look AMAZING! And you also look like a bodacious babe! Love the outfit and hair! I read both of you and Bryan's posts and they were awesome. I am so happy that I now know how Bryan came to be my brother, too! Both were awesome-- I am really happy you guys did that.

Rachel said...

Cute pictures! Especially the one with Uncle Brad and Jace!