Saturday, June 6, 2009


The kids and I had a great day today.  The last day of school was Thursday, and I told the kids that Thursday, Friday and Saturday are FREE days for them.  Once Monday gets here, we'll be hopping into summer routine - everyone will have a daily job, and although we'll spend a whole lot of time playing, we need to implement some structure for my sanity's sake.  

So today we drove out to the flea market which is much like a 3rd world country.  Once you enter through the double doors, it's a whole different world!  Bryan took us right to the knife shops.  One was liquidating everything, so he got a very cool butterfly knife for $4!  (Yes - all my kids are sensible shoppers!)  He's now doing all kinds of tricks with it and only has 1 bandaid on from injuries.  

Now's the part where you'll hear about my jewelry experience.  My friend and neighbor, Erika, is my "go to" source of jewelry, clothing, and all-things-fashion.  She pretty much dresses me whenever I really need to look trendy or classy or plain old good.  So, she's amazing, not only because she has a great sense of fashion, but also because she has SO MUCH STUFF!  And it's all great stuff!  At the flea market we happened upon another store that was getting rid of all their stuff before closing their doors.  EVERYTHING was $1.  Among other things, we picked up a few necklaces.  They're cute.  Then tonight I went to a Lia Sophia jewelry party and saw some similar necklaces.  Obviously higher quality, but from a distance, or through a camera, I don't think one would be able to tell which was the $1 necklace and which was the $398 one.  I felt badly that I attended a party without buying a single thing, but I just couldn't do it!  I couldn't even bring myself to book a party because I wouldn't want any of my friends to think that I'd expect them to buy something so high priced.  

So now you know.  I'm cheap.  BUT ... and that's a BIG BUT!  there are some things for which I won't sacrifice quality for price.  I can't think of what right now - so I guess that will have to be another blog.  

And so now I'm really curious:  What do you think of expensive jewelry?  I really do wish I had the talent and know-how to make gorgeous pieces of jewelry like some of my friends do..... maybe someday ....


A Real Key Largo Housewife said...

My 2 cents on expensive jewelry is to spend on sentimental pieces like a wedding ring, watch or anniversary item. (necklace, bracelet or ring) For everyday jewelry I don't like to spend the bucks either. Clasps break, children love on them, things get misplaced. I have gotten lots of things at JCPenneys in their clearance for less than a buck. Just have to watch those sales.

The Murray Files said...

I have to agree with the first comment. Splurge on the ones that are super sentimental and not on the rest. However, my dad loved to buy my mom really fancy pieces, almost as an investment. She has some gorgeous poeces, but I know that sometimes she feels self-conscoius wearing a house payment.

Rebecca and Co. said...

I don't ever spend a lot on jewelry, even sentimental pieces. My wedding ring stone was a cubic zirconia. GASP!!! And still my ring was gorgeous. I always got tons of compliments and kept the secret to myself.

One day I looked down and two prongs had chipped off and my stone was gone. I can't imagine how sick I would have been to have lost something I likely would have still been paying on.

The bracelet I get the most comments on is the one I bought in SF's Chinatown for 99 cents.

Tasha said...

Yay! I am so grateful to know we come from the same school of thought! When my boys were young I got so frustrated with buying jeans for them. In 3 months they could have them in shreds, so I thought OK I will splurge for the more expensive jeans and see if they last any longer.
Nope instead the $50 pair of Levi's were worn out in 6 weeks. I learned a very valuable lesson there.
Besides if you spend $348 on one necklace, that means there are 347 more you can't have :o)

Steven said...

Sounds so fun. I think rich relatives should give you expensive jewelry, and everything else you should "accidentally" take from caci. haha

Denalee said...

Great comments everyone! I loved hearing what you all have to say.
PS - let's don't tell Caci your idea Steve-o