Sunday, June 14, 2009


Have I mentioned this before?
I have a charmed life.
sweet ... amazing ... exciting ... precious ... tender
things happen to me
We've had Trevor, Caci & Jace visiting the past few days.
What could be nicer?
Add a dear friend we haven't seen in 20 years and my heart becomes very full!
Mine & Brad's relationship with Yayoi Swapp goes back to the first time-period the two of us met at the MTC... Yayoi (Japanese) was a tester at the Missionary Training Center.
Brad was my teacher (*wink*wink*)
I left for Japan, Brad & Yayoi and a great group of guys became close friends.
Yayoi went on her mission and we visited together at an All-Japan-Conference during the Tokyo Temple Dedication ...
... and we continued to develop our friendship through letters
(archaic, but it worked!)
Yayoi was instrumental in getting Brad to propose to me (thank you Yayoi!)

Yayoi was part of our family during the first few years of our marriage.  That's why it took her a while to get married - we kept her busy hanging with us.  HOWEVER, I think she had about 50 marriage proposals during that time.

After 20 years, we picked up where we left off ... past/present/future ...
it all feels the same
I love Yayoi.
....... so, what could be better than that? .......
add the biggest surprise that's ever happened to me
we were sitting around at nearly midnight, not wanting the night to end
the boys playing guitars, the girls singing along and visiting together
knock, knock, knock
my first thought:
Ed must be dying next door
then the door swung open
and in a magical, surreal way, there stood
Brookie and Steven
my heart was then so full it was bursting
(Brooke is now very pregnant, and most of the family hasn't seen her since she started *growing*)
that's my life!
Brooke had just hung up after our phone conversation when Steven said,
"should we just get in the car and go?"
Do we have an incredible son-in-law
or what!?!
Apparently Trevor & Caci knew all about it.
I would have never thought Caci could keep a surprise quiet ...
... so to put things in perspective ...
money comes & goes (ok - it doesn't always come)
health is a rollercoaster
urgent mortal things pop up daily
but, trite as this phrase has become, it rings true:


mom of six, nana of two said...

So true Denalee! I am a little jealous that they cant hop in the car and see us anymore. Thats what we get for moving cross the country. I am so glad you had such a fun weekend! These are the TRUE joys of life!
Luckily we get to see them in 2 weeks! YAY!!!

Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

SO FUN!!!!! It was so great to finally see Brooke's baby belly! I think you should just add two rooms to the house and we all move in together. SO FUN!

Erin said...

Denalee your family is really growing. Everyone looks so happy! Thanks for sharing on your blog.

Ashley said...

you look a lot like brooke, in the picture of the missionary picture!!!
- ashley

Steven & Brooke said...

it was so fun! i'm homesick. i permit you to post a family picture to as long as you disclaim that i'm not that fat in real life - just in photos.

love you!!!!!

Nan said...

I love this! Family and friendships can be forever! Beautiful. I wanted to thank you for your recent comment on my guest post a little over a week ago on the rhouse blog. I enjoyed your guest post and your son's also. Thank you for your generous kind words and your sweet personality.