Saturday, September 5, 2009


ok, so Brooke is a real trooper.  
she's laboring, cramping, contracting
and ne'er a complaint :)
well ... that's not entirely true ... 
but my point is that she is enduring well
so last night we went to the hospital after a day of good hard contractions
she was still at 3 centimeters (HUGE disappointment) but the regular contractions showing on the monitor were impressive
so the nurse called the doctor (just a guy on-call, not someone Brooke has ever seen) who said she could stay, walk around for 2 hours, then if she progressed they would admit her
you should have seen Brooke tromp up and down the hospital stairs!
after 2 hours they hooked her back up only to see that her contractions were astronomical and very close together
they checked her and she had dilated one more centimeter to a 4
then they sent her home.
oh my heck!!!!!!  we could have done all that walking somewhere more pleasurable and then been together at home .... me-thinks the doctor didn't want to come in last night.

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Tracey said...

Are you kidding?!
When you are dilataed to a 4 you can ask for an epidural. What in the world? That poor girl. Maybe next time she delivers she should come here and do it.