Thursday, September 3, 2009


Monday night after getting a phone call from Brookie and Steven saying they'd been to the hospital and she was having regular contractions, we put everything else on the back burner and found a way to get me to Idaho.  I was so concerned I'd miss it all ...
but alas! upon my arrival Tuesday afternoon, things had slowed down quite a bit.  
Still, contractions have been coming and going. 
We've done all kinds of things to help her along:
eating chocolate, climbing stairs, tomatoes, foot massages,
i even made her do an obstacle course :)
Today she had a doctor appointment
It was a significant afternoon!  In one short visit, she not only lost her mucus plug (hehehe) but the doctor stripped her membranes AND announced she was already dilated to a 3!!!!!!
I'll blog again once we welcome our little sweetie into this world.
(now ... off to the stadium to climb the bleachers!)

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Anonymous said...

Thats SUPER exciting! I cant wait to see pictures! -ashley