Thursday, September 17, 2009

what i'll miss ....

I leave tomorrow ...
how can I leave those kissable lips ?
i got to see a couple become a family
Brooke & I enjoy games together ... but it's a BLAST playing with Steve! Truly, I will miss that
no one can tell me that a newborn doesn't smile
we caught several smiles - mostly while he was sleeping
wonder what he was dreaming about ...
and as i hold him, i REALLY wonder what he'd tell me if he could speak
ok - i've been the recipient of many mighty miracles
the witness of incredible beauty
the holder of love
but nothing can compare with my
intense joy
of seeing my baby love her baby
here's what else I'll miss:
gage's hair right after a sponge bath
his sweet, sweet baby breath
the "o" that forms on his lips as he looks around in wonder
his hoarse cry
the fat rolls forming on his neck
sleeping with Gage on my chest
the way none of us can stop the powerful stream that inevitably happens when we're almost finished changing his diaper
kissing his cheeks
hearing his contented coos just after eating and at the beginning of sleep
being unaware and apathetic about what time of day or night it is
my unlimited access to snuggles
Steven's rise of blood pressure and exclamation of "MOTHER!" when I taunt him during a game
Brookie and Steven telling me they love me
burying my face in Gage's hair as I hold him
thank you, kids
for the time here, for wanting me, for sharing your precious miracle
I will miss you


Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

How awesome that you were able to be there for the whole thing! What an amazing experience. I love that pic of Brooke and Gage. It was so fun to see ya last week! See you in TWO weeks when we leave for Thailand! Yeay!!!

Tracey said...

That is the sweetest thing ever!!!

Ashley said...

Thats so sweet! He is super cute! I love ALL that hair!

Steven & Brooke said...

we miss you