Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference Weekend

For so many years we lived far, far away from life where you could watch conference on TV at home. In Alaska, and before that, in Guam, we'd dress up in Sunday best, go to the church and watch and listen to conference on a scratchy screen. The kids were young and we'd try to keep them occupied with them playing "conference bingo" (October conference they'd play with candy corn and April conference they'd play with those gross candy eggs ... both things that the kids don't like enough to snarf down ... they'd last thru the whole conference!)
Then for the past 2 years we've been so excited to live close to family and close to SLC - so we traveled. We spent conference weekends with our grown kids (SO NICE!)
So this weekend we thought it was time to begin some new traditions
* conference weekend traditions *
and I've learned
it's never to late to begin a new tradition
This has been a great weekend.
Does anyone else think that conference just gets better and better each year?
and that what used to seem like SO MANY hours now seems to just zip by?
Saturday morning we got up in enough time to go to IHOP for breakfast
this was SUCH A TREAT that (thanks for the idea, Brooke)
that I think we'll make it a conference saturday tradition!
Then we watched the 1st session
After those 1st 2 hours we hit the local garage sales
and the were GREAT!
We even had time to make a quick trip to the local thrift store
before the 2nd session began.
Sadly, Brad had to work all day.
Saturday afternoon, after the 2nd session we stopped in at the grocery store
While the men were in Priesthood meeting
we had girls night out ... 1st stopping at Deseret Book
(we never win the prizes)
we met up with Nancy O & Heather S (fun!)
Sunday morning we had an autumn breakfast of
Between conference sessions we carved pumpkins

Everyone really enjoyed conference this weekend -
including our collard lizard atop Bry's head :)


Rebecca and Co. said...

That sounds great! Bryce took the two older kids to Utah to visit his parents, and I have to say--even though we were split half and half it worked out splendidly. He got to spend some much-needed time with the big kids and they got along really well with each other. I had a surprisingly pleasant time with the twins (because I'm with them so much as it is). We had a great time going to the park, doing crafts, etc. without being interrupted by any drama from the older kids. Anyway, I also thought Conference was great and my fave talk was the first one of the whole thing, by Richard G. Scott.

Anonymous said...

Conference was really good I agree! I liked the one from Holland!