Sunday, October 18, 2009

it's a small, small world!

FINALLY, we're on the air with
Sierra joined me in the studio on Friday to shoot 2 new shows and an interview with cast members from one of the shows.
(Thanks Sweet-Sierra)
Then Saturday night Brad and I joined our producer, Trip, and his family at the Sahara to see master-illusionist Rick Thomas and his wild animals perform.
After the show I spoke with Rick on-camera for This Week In Vegas.
(this show will air beginning Oct 28th for 2 weeks on the tourism and convention channel in over 80,000 hotel rooms)
now here's where
"it's a small, small world" comes in
Since Monday when I heard I'd be interviewing him
his name kept playing on my mind.
Rick Thomas, magician ....
Rick Thomas - married to Kim Thomas?
Kim helped us with our production of
A Nephite Christmas
when we lived on Guam.
I'd met Rick at some of the rehearsals, and although the church has 3 branches on Guam, most members at least knew OF each other.
I couldn't remember if his name was Rick though.
I didn't mention anything to anyone, but Friday night (night before the interview) I woke up (not a new thing - I wake up every night)
several times thinking about Kim.
Well, while walking from valet parking to the box office last night
I told Brad that I thought this might be the guy married to Kim and brother to Rhett (Rhett stayed with them in Guam during the time of our production and was the lead male part in A Nephite Christmas. Great voice, but he never really learned the words to the main song he performed and I wrote the words! Opening night he made up 70% of the words and it became a whole new song!)
Ok - you know how this ends....
Right before we began the interview
Trip (our producer) asked him,
"Hey - have you ever performed on Guam?"
Rick: "Yeah - for 5 years"
Me: "When?"
Rick: "15 years ago"
then we made the connection.
Cool, huh.
yup. it's a small, small world!