Thursday, March 4, 2010

5 things i love

*1* the essential oil ANGELICA i actually crave this scent!
"Generally, Angelica Oil is a perfect natural stimulant and general tonic for vigorous health and wellbeing. It is believed that detoxifies body and blood and can aim the healing of various digestion, respiratory and skin conditions."
*2* having my feet massaged
If anyone ever wants to give me a great gift: nothing can beat a foot massage!
*3* 60-something degree weather, rain or shine, inviting a brisk walk ... nothing more invigorating!
*4* lipstick
i'm not a big lover of make-up, but i think lipstick is gorgeous! i love all colors ... check out these shades
*5* frozen cherries and frozen blueberries in a bowl of milk for dessert
since joining up for Brooke's Biggest Loser Contest i've still been unable to go completely without sweets. this is the perfect substitute. and on the weight-watchers chart, it's only a total of 4 points! put the frozen berries in the bowl, cover with 2% milk and the milk freezes around the fruit making an ice-cream-like dessert ... what a treat!!!!
what 5 things do YOU love today?

1 comment:

s + b said...

ooh, that last picture is delicious.

1. snuggles from gage
2. chocolate
3. sweat pants
4. rain that washes away snow
5. water

can't wait to come see you guys!!