Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ethyl's vs theobroma

it's pretty fun ... and a way to get a few bucks
and sometimes some free stuff.
like chocolate.
today I mystery shopped at ethyl's in henderson
it's a really neat place - right next to a huge cactus garden
to get to the actual chocolate store you walk thru hallways where you can look thru the glass to watch the chocolate being made.
it's neat.
and the chocolate is tasty.
but let's compare:
i lived for 12 years in beautiful sitka, alaska
home of
(food of the gods)
theobroma has less variety
but is also less expensive.
they offer unlimited samples :)
both tasty
but unlimited samples???!!!
ps: you can order theobroma here
nope - no one is paying me to say this
and i only got $5 for this mystery shop
BUT i get reimbursed for the $30 i spent on chocolate there :)


Erin said...

Mmm, mmm! I rarely meet a chocolate I don't like :)
How cool to be a secret shopper and get paid for it!

s + b said...

ethyl's are in the cutest packaging EVER! that sounds so good. how fun!

Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

Oh my heck, those look DIVINE!!!!!!