Thursday, March 18, 2010

raw meatloaf ... smoke alarm ... PSHAW!

cake made by Nancy Olson ... those are sugared roses & sugared rosemary ~ mmmm!
in preparation for our big Relief Society Birthday Party
last night,
I found a great meatloaf recipe from cracker barrel
to feed 42.
perfect! i just doubled the recipe
then divided it into 4 big pans for sisters to cook and bring.
i made the centerpieces from dollar-store base & windmill ... flowers from lowes. total cost: $3 each!
the recipe got rave reviews on the site, so it seemed like a safe bet.
apparently the cooking time was very wrong!
we had meatloaf arrive RAW
so we cranked the ovens up to 400 and filled them with meatloaf;
changed the program to do the games and activities 1st
to give the meatloaf time to cook.
mid-way thru the evening every smoke alarm in the building went off
and trust me:
those are LOUD alarms!
our nursery filled with about 20 kids and a half dozen high priests
zipped out to the parking lot;
the other ward's scouts and YW, although seemingly confused, appeared to carry-on in their respective rooms ... while we scrambled wildly to open every door,
turn on every fan, and grab whatever we could
to fan the smoke out of the building.
our YM and their leaders were there to serve us and managed the airing out of the kitchen
of course, this is the night we invited our bishopric, our YW
the stake rs presidency
we had nearly 70 people in attendance
and the night was filled with fun
the young women seemed to mingle well with all of us old women
and the young men were AMAZING as our servers
but i can't say i'm not glad it's over :)
pictures taken BEFORE the smoke alarm


Rebecca and Co. said...

Oh my word!!!! Talk about a crazy night, eh? That would make a great scene in a movie though!!!! I can just imagine the commotion that smoke alarm created. If anyone could handle the situation with grace and optimism, it's you, Denalee!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Wild night in Henderson eh? Wow, the fact that you carried on is amazing! Glad it all turned out. :-)

Erin said...

That's hilarious! So did the meat loaf turn out okay??

s + b said...


Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

Eeek! It reminds me of when you and dad were newlyweds and you invited all those people to dinner, burned the rice, and filled the whole house with smoke. haha Glad it turned out OK!