Saturday, March 20, 2010


Part of Sierra's 16th birthday celebration
included a night on the strip to see Australia's Human Nature
(amazing performance ... I highly recommend it!)
This pic was taken right after the show - before our little experience I'm writing about
This is Carli Udall, Azure & Sierra
When Valet drove up in our car and we all climbed in, I was bummed to see I could exit only one way - opposite of the way I wanted to go.
If you know me well, you know I'm a direction-infant. I simply cannot navigate very well.
But I did know that I could get on one freeway at one end of the strip, and another freeway at the other --- all roads lead home. One way just takes longer.
So, as I turned the wrong way on Las Vegas Blvd, I glanced down to see the fuel light on.
I knew when we left home I needed to get gas, but was having so much fun with the girls that I honestly forgot. Yikes! No gas, going the wrong way, on a bumper-to-bumper street.
I asked Az if she'd say a prayer that we make it to a gas station.
She did.
As soon as everyone said "amen" Carli said:
"Hey look! The gas light went off!"
Gratefully, we drove along the strip hoping for a gas station.
Nope - not a one in sight.
So with the gas light still off, we got on the freeway and headed toward home.
Got off at our exit, knowing there was a gas station there.
We pulled into the gas station and as we pulled right up to the pump, we all watched as the gas light popped on.
This incident came just 2 days after the girls and I worked on 2 faith requirements for personal progress.
neat, huh!


Hills said...

That is awesome!

Ashley said...

thats really amazing!!! i heard those australians were REALLY cute ; )