Sunday, March 28, 2010

His Image

Last night was wonderful.
The girls and I attended the
then ate dinner together with the rest of those in attendance.
We capped the night off with a fun little shopping trip to Marshalls.
The conference was amazing.
Every talk was inspirational.
Today the girls and I decided to each write a blog post about some aspect of the conference.
I chose a segment of Sister Dalton's talk.
She talked about beauty. Real beauty. I wish I'd have written this down so I could quote her exactly, but she said something like:
"Having His Image in your countenance ... that's real beauty. That's lasting beauty."
She told about visiting President and Sister McKay in their home when she was a student at BYU and how beautiful Sister McKay was. She told us her beauty is the kind that can't be purchased, it can't be surgically implanted, it can't be painted on. It comes from having the Holy Ghost in your life and following the promptings of the Spirit.
I'm walking away from the computer now to write on the kids' bathroom mirror.
It's going to say:
"His Image in your countenance ... that's real beauty"

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Rebecca and Co. said...

The broadcast was awesome! I loved her talk about deep beauty. What an awesome experience for her to meet the McKays.

It was great to see you there!