Saturday, March 13, 2010

oh mr. sun, sun ... mr. golden sun

... please shine down on me!!!
62 degrees, a bit of a breeze, and sun shining ...
perfect weather!
Brad's at work, so the kids and I
spent the morning helping some friends move -
then came home to make plans.
We made our plans while sitting in lawn chairs
in the back yard ...
and after making the plans
I continued to sit, and relax
and soak it all in.
So nice!!!
(Now, if it could stay in the 60s for a bit longer I'll be thrilled!!!)


Shelise said...

Hudson has a fisher price CD that he listens too and we were actually listening to this song earlier this morning while I was doing some crafts and they were playing. The weather in Vegas is SO nice most of the year but then summer hits and BAM its deathly. lol. Glad your enjoying it. I can't WAIT for spring. Casey says its so beautiful here during the spring.

Shelise said...

I spelled Caci's name wrong. Dang it! I knew it was wrong but I couldn't figure out what the correct spelling was. lol

s + b said...

ha! that song still haunts me from azure's barney days. can't wait to come down and see you guys! gage has never really been in warm weather, so he's in for a huge surprise.

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