Sunday, January 24, 2010

happy birthday BRYAN!

I had a hard time picking just a few pictures of Bryan.
Let me tell you about Bryan ...
Bryan, age 1
As a baby, bryan was so chubby we had to clean the rolls on his neck with q-tips daily!
Brand-spankin'-new, he was a snuggler.
I don't know if he loved his sarongs or his paci-s more.
One thing is for sure:
he has always been completely attached to his parents and siblings.
He was 2-years old before we could leave him with a babysitter without Trevor or Brooke with him. As long has he had some sarongs, a handful of paci-s and a family member, he was always content.

Bryan was a month shy of 2-years-old when we signed his adoption papers.
That was THE LONGEST 2 years of my life!
2 months later, he was sealed to us in the Hawaii temple.
I anticipated a heavenly experience ... I knew angels would be present and I was sure it would be absolutely celestial.
Bryan screamed the whole time.
But we walked out of the temple that day a complete family.
Bryan - age 2 - outside of the Hawaii temple
I can hardly believe 17 years have passed!
No longer rolly-polly, Bryan is still tender-hearted and snuggly.
Babies and animals LOVE Bryan.
Bryan with nephew Gage.
One would think that headphones have actually grown out of Bryan's ears or are surgically attached. (I guess they've taken the place of pacifiers)
I used to kiss that dimple daily. Now I have to sneak a kiss whenever I can ...
but he's still a little snuggler.
Bryan is:
fiercely loyal
amazingly smart
generous to a fault
I love you.


Steven & Brooke said...

love you, bry! can't wait to see you birthday boy!

Shelise said...

Wow what a CUTE baby. He's very handsome now, but CUTE as a baby. I kind of cried when you said that you have to sneak a kiss when you can. I dont want my babies to grow up. Even Hudson is hard to grab one from.

Happy Birthday "Brynan" (as said by Hudson).

Oh and just so you know Hudson talks about your kids ALL the time. We miss you guys.

Rebecca and Co. said...

What a wonderful tribute to a fine young man! Hope his day is fabulous and that he has a wonderful year to come.