Thursday, January 28, 2010


In some ways I think I am so, so lucky ...
i ALWAYS get a close parking spot, no matter how crowded the lot is;
i come from a lucky family: my mother once
guessed the exact # of nuts & bolts in a jar
and won a truck and camper;
i ALWAYS pick out the best chocolates in the assorted box -
no taking bites & putting them back for me!
sometimes I think I am terribly UNlucky ...
take tonight:
We put Bryan and Azure on a plane bound for Idaho
they were to spend 4 days there, enjoying Brooke, Steve & Gage
and filling a babysitting need
(YAY! Brooke got the internship she wanted!)
The babysitting starts tomorrow at 8 am
Being the seasoned travelers that they are, we left them at the security gate
and asked them to call when they boarded ...
4 hours later we were picking them back up and bringing them home
Their flight was cancelled.
Why was I surprised?
1st of all, it included airplanes
secondly, Brooke was involved
all of us Chapmans are unlucky when it comes to flights -
but no one beats Brooke
well, maybe Sierra does ...
but it really doesn't matter:
the combination of Chapmans + flying = delays, lost bags, damaged baggage, cancellations, etc ...
it just does.
luck???? hmmm ....


Erin said...

And if you add in any travel to or from Alaska, that takes the gambling to a whole new level!

Hope your luck is better tomorrow!

Ashley said...

omigosh! when did there flight leave?